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For years, many of our folk have watched as the public school system has continued to decline.

The AFA Academy is a comprehensive homeschool program, grounded in our faith, and built on AFA culture and values.

The AFA Academy will provide the faith-based education that our children need to succeed and thrive into adulthood.

Njordshof T-shirt

$25.00 – $28.00

Njörðshof Flag


Njörðshof District Patch (Gentlemen)


Njörðshof District Patch


Njörðshof Fund

Njordshof 1.png

“The third among the Æsir is he that is called Njördr: he dwells in heaven, in the abode called Nóatún. He rules the course of the wind, and stills sea and fire; on him shall men call for voyages and for hunting. He is so prosperous and abounding in wealth, that he may give them great plenty of lands or of gear; and him shall men invoke for such things.” 

In 2022, we established the first temple to Njörðr in beautiful White Springs Florida.  We need your help to make this amazing Hof all that it should be.  Your generosity and support are much appreciated.


Folk Services Fund

We give one-time monetary grants to AFA members in need.  These folks are so grateful and we know that once they get back on track they will contribute to this fund.  For those that are able, we are in need of funds so we can be prepared for when these situations arise in our community.

General Fund

Your support of the AFA is essential and appreciated. Without that support, many of the wonderful things the AFA is accomplishing would not have been possible.

South Africa Fund

The South African Folk keep moving forward and making the best of the situation they are in despite the hardships they are facing and we take a personal interest in providing assistance to them.

Asatru Academy

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