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Kindreds of Njörðshof  District

Over the years, there has been a tremendous amount of Asatru growth and development in local communities around the world. Leading the way have very often been highly motivated AFA members and their close friends. This local development has typically taken the form of kindreds. It is high time that the Asatru Folk Assembly gives well-earned honor and recognition to our outstanding kindreds. As AFA-recognized kindreds these folks will be able to proudly display their banners at AFA events and their banners can hang in a place of honor in Njordshof.

If you have questions about AFA Kindreds or are interested in being recognized as an AFA Kindred, please contact the AFA Kindred Program at

To all the kindreds made up of AFA members across Midgard, we are proud of you and all your hard work. The Kindreds so recognized are:

American Crow
Deep Well of Florida. The newest official AFA Kindred.jpg
Deep Well
Blood Oak of Arkansas, the newest official AFA Kindred..jpg
Blood Oak
Five Arrows of Georgia, the newest AFA Kindred in the Njörðshof District.jpg
Five Arrows
Ninth Night of Florida, the newest official AFA kindred in the Njörðshof District.jpg
Ninth Night
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