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Yule Ornament Exchange

A new tradition was established at Njörðshof this Yule: The Njörðshof Yule Ornament Exchange. This is an annual tradition that we can look forward to and we will appreciate our new collection of ornaments from or folk year after year. The idea of exchanging ornaments was offered by our dapper Apprentice Folkbuilder, Mike Joyner. What a wonderful idea this is and a meaningful way to interact with the folk.

This year, our handsome Apprentice Folkbuilder, Otto Rafuse, read a story and the instructions were given to the participants to pass their ornaments when indicated in the story. The story was beautifully read and at the conclusion, each of the participants had a delightful new ornament to take home.

The experience of sharing Yule ornaments with the folk is very wonderful and meaningful for us all. Ornaments are also historically significant in our culture. Some of the first ornaments of the folk may have been apples, flowers or other natural materials.

Present day ornaments come in various shapes, colors and sizes to dazzle all who see them. One of the most wonderful things about ornaments is opening them up every year for Yule and the happiness they bring as you are transported back to that special moment in time when you received it. For now, we have our hands on our first ever ornaments given at the Njörðshof Ornament Exchange and our hearts are full, but we all want to go back. Hope to see you next time.


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