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“Warrior Mindset” in the Wolf Age

In Asatru, we venerate all of our noble ancestors, whether they be farmers or preachers or schoolteachers. However, there is one class of Aryan who often stands tallest in our legends: the warrior.

The general view of our faith is plastered with pictures of warriors, from the Celtic rebels of Queen Boudicca to the Varangian Guard, from the united Germans under Prince Arminius to the Anglo-Danish huscarls of King Harold Godwinson. The list goes on and on, but we often venerate these distant heroes more than our less distant ancestors of the last few centuries. The picture and poetry of the martial archetype pervades the Aryan zeitgeist, and likely always will.

We treasure and hold high the warriors of old, as they put their very lives on the line for things that mattered. The warrior is timeless, because he fights for that which is timeless. The warrior is virtuous, because he fights for virtue. The warrior is immortal, because his deeds never die.

With all of this being said, allow me to bring us back into the present, hopefully with equally articulate wording!

How do we carry the warrior with us into our modern world? How do we strive for the things that matter in a productive way? How do we adopt that warrior mindset in the 21st century? After all, doesn’t a warrior need a battle to fight?

That battle is life in the Wolf Age. We can speak on the woes of the world until Ragnarok, but I won’t do that here. If you’re reading this, you’re aware of what challenges the modern world holds for our Folk. You’re aware of all the obstacles facing you in your modern life. You know that you can’t just smash through them with an axe like a Viking, or parry and slash at them with sword and shield like a knight. What you CAN do, however, is keep marching forward, like an Aryan.

Keep marching forward; over the mountains of toil, across the valleys of sadness, through the forests of doubt, and over the rivers of emotion. Our ancestors, warriors or not, never gave up. They marched on, navigating whatever obstacles presented themselves. This was not always as glamorous as battle, but it was just as important. Obstacles are meant to be defeated, just as battles are meant to be won. That is the warrior mindset.

Remember who you are, and keep marching forward.

Gothi Trent East


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