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Nerthus and her God-Pole

In mid-February, Gothi Trent East started the project of getting a God-pole made for Njordshof. He asked the leadership if we knew of anyone that could do it. One name came to mind, Gilbert Page. Gilbert lives in Lawrenceville Georgia and is a skilled wood carver. Gilbert accepted the challenge and was quick to source the wood and get started.

Nerthus is Njordr's first wife and is believed to be the mother to Frey and Freya. She is a Vanic Goddess and would have been married to Njordr pre-war. She is not spoken about much in the lore; however, Tacitus does write about her in Germania. Tacitus makes note that she is commonly worshiped as Mother Earth.

Nerthus travels by cart pulled by kind-eyed heifers. Tacitus states that when Nerthus visits “no one goes to war, no one takes up arms; every object of iron is locked away; then and only then, are peace and quiet known and loved.” During her travels she is veiled. She is a companied in her travels by priest who are not allowed to touch her. At the conclusion of her travels, meaning when she has had her fill of humanity, she is washed in a spring/secluded lake by her slaves. The slaves are then drowned in spring/secluded lake for no one who has seen such beauty should live to talk about it. She resides in a sacred grove on an island in the ocean. Since she is the Vailed Goddess and when not in ceremony Godpole is covered to honor the tradition.

The Nerthus God-pole is carved out of 6 ½’ by 2’ piece of poplar wood and weighs about 400lbs. Gilbert Page thank you again for your hard work and devotion.

Ways to Honor Nerthus

1. Plant a garden

2. Plant a tree

3. Pick up trash in the forest

4. Plan and go on an extend nature walk/hike

5. Meditate near a spring or lake

Fun side note: there is a minor planet in the main Asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter that is named “601 Nerthus.”

Folkbuilder Mike Joyner

June 2023


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