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Kindergarten Graduation is Upon Us!

Greetings students, parents, and folk!

This month marks the end of the traditional school year. Although some of our students will continue working throughout the summer, and that's great! We have some of our kids who are graduating kindergarten 1 and moving on to either kindergarten 2 or 1st grade.

Parents, myself or Assistant Dean Rachel Johnson will be in touch in the coming weeks to talk about kindergarten 2 and first grade. Soon we will mail out your graduation diplomas, example is pictured with the article.

We would also like to welcome all our new families to the ásatrú academy! Soon you will be getting invites to our online learning platform and we will schedule a video conference to get to know everyone and introduce you to the program. We are very excited to see all our new students, and of course our returning students!

We had a great time this year, and we all learned so much, each year we will learn and grow and the academy will get better and better! Victory never sleeps, and neither does learning. The sky is the limit for our kids!

Gothi Rob Stamm

Dean of AFA Academy

June 2023


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