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The Maypole Dance

May Day celebrations are not complete without a May Pole! The May Pole itself is a fertility symbol, with the pole representing a strong masculine energy. The feminine is represented by the beautiful flora decorated crown and the ribbons that wrapped around the pole during the maypole dance.

Following Freyrblot, ask the women to attach the ribbons to the top of the pole and then the menfolk to carry the Maypole “plant” it in a sturdy place already arranged. Divide the group into two groups, those who will dance clockwise and those who will dance counterclockwise. Distribute them along the ribbons evenly. As the group dances, they should go “over” or “under” the person dancing in the opposite direction. The Maypole dance is best done with a good Polka! Once reaching the ends of the ribbons, secure the ends to the pole.

Baldrshof tradition is that those women seeking fertility, snip a piece of the ribbon ends and take them home with them.

Witan Brandy Callahan


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