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Michael Lee Vaughn ᛉ12/05/86 - 7/17/23ᛦ

Michael Lee Vaughn was born near the Yuletide of 1986, in the state of Georgia, not too far from the Florida line. He had a happy childhood, with loving parents and siblings, as well as his niece who he loved dearly. His hobbies included reading, travel, bodybuilding, and esoterica.

When Michael became an adult, he enlisted in the United States Army and joined the Infantry. Like many men of our faith, he wanted to be a capable warrior, and so he became one. He served his time, left the Army, and went to college. He graduated with a degree in marketing, and made a respectable career with it.

He spent the next few years of his life working and traveling, seeing many beautiful parts of Midgard and living a life we would all be a bit envious of. In 2021, he attended the first ever Ostara at Þórshof, a national event, at the invitation of another member who was a personal friend of his. During high sumbel at that event, he shared a heartfelt speech on how touched he was by the Gods and our church. His love for the Folk and the AFA was clear for all to see. He became an official member of our church the very next day.

In the two years since then, he made friends with many of the Folk in Texas, including Folkbuilders Justin Day and Jesse Parton. They shared many great events before Michael hit the road again, traveling through Europe and Asia for the last two years of his life.

Michael was a constant smiling face, font of knowledge, and teller of tales. Among our Folk, he will be cherished and remembered.

Hail Michael Lee Vaughn!


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