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Lawspeaker's Challenge - Speaking with Intent

This begins a series of challenge to present ourselves to the world? Would your great-grandparents be impressed with your command of Low speech?

This ideal is especially true for our Folk. Our knowledge that galdr changes ourselves and our world for the better necessarily means that Low or idle speech changes the world for the worse. Every ill-intentioned swear or curse coarsens our part of the multiverse.

In addition, vulgarity has always been shunned by those of a higher mindset. Not long ago, critics noted that certain comics could not work in large venues because their language was too vulgar; the change in the culture since then, only 40 or 50 years ago, represents a decay in thought and attitude. I also confirmed with a scholar of Anglo-Saxon history that the tribal Folk would not have sworn at inanimate objects, as they took their words more seriously than that.

The attack on our families, our faith, our culture, and our civilization continues with the attack on our noble ideals of self-expression. We should decide not to participate in the degradation of our Folk by speaking in a way that honors our ancestors and our Gods: with high ideals, with nobility, with intent.

- Lawspeaker Turnage


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